Why SEO & Search Engine Marketing Are Going To Be Important For Online Business In 2022

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Topic: Why SEO & Search Engine Marketing Are Going To Be Important For Online Business In 2022

Many business owners keep thinking:- Why SEO is so important to businesses & why use Search Engine Marketing?

Here is the blog with some facts that explains Why SEO & Search Engine Marketing Are Going To Be Important For Online Business In 2022

Users searching for products on search engine is increasing dramatically:-

Do you know 87% of online customers search the products on google before buying it! The percentage is keeps rising week after week.

It is increasing brands visibility:-

Brand visibility is the first step for every business to get sales. A brand that is more visible to the audience is going to get more sales. No logic is needed.

Competitors have started investing on SEO:

SEO is becoming one of the important parts of online marketing. Because of its multiple benefits, many businesses have started investing in SEO as their important marketing strategy.

It is bringing more quality website traffic:-

One of the biggest benefits of doing SEO is that it brings relevant & exact customers to your website. As users are already searching for the information, it has a better chance to get conversions and sales.

SEO is playing tremendous role in building trust and authority:-

Why does trust matter a lot in business and mainly in Online Business?

In this online world, there are a lot of online scams taking place around the internet. Users must get assured that your business is a trustworthy business and provides quality products & services to their customers. Being visible on the search results helps build authority and trust within your users which will help you in converting them into your customers.

98% of searchers choose a business that is on page 1 of the results they get:-

Just imagine, being in organic search results can prove extremely profitable for any business.

Conversion rate is getting better and better when found on organic search results:-

As said above in point number 5, SEO brings quality traffic to your site i.e. users who are willing to know more or buy your product. If your product completely meets their requirements, they are going to buy it that is for sure. This is the power of SEO & Google Ads as they bring relevant users to your site. This enhances your business conversion rate.

It makes easy for your customers to find you in this busy online world:-

We all know, how busy daily life has become these days. In this competitive world, you want your business to be easily found by your customers. Along with SEO, Social Media Presence also helps your customer to find your business easily online.

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