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What Is Google Analytics

Every business needs reporting and analytics to improve & grow their business. Google Analytics is a tool (part of the Google Marketing Platform) that provides complete & accurate insights of your website visitors and mobile app usage.

Over 72% of online businesses have chosen Google Analysis tool as their reporting & analytics platform. We use this tool too. And we also use this Google Analysis tool  for all of our clients.

Why You Need Google Analysis Tool For Your Business

Google Analysis Tool Is Free To Use

One of the benefits of using GA is that it is free to use. As other analytics platforms will charge you money.

Get To Know Your Right Customers.

Get a deeper understanding of your potential customers by the given tools from Google Web Analytics.

Get Complete Insight & Audit Of Your Business

Use Google’s powerful tool to discover your accurate business insights, such as which users are likely to convert and which customers have high revenue potential.

  If Your Business Has A Website/App, Google Analytics Is A Must!

Why You Should Choose Us For Doing Your Business Analysis

Setting Up Your Business Goals on Google Analytics

We will help you in setting up the required goals according to your marketing strategy. For example, if we want to know how many visitors have clicked on a particular button on your site, then we will create it as your Google Data Analytics goal. These clicks will be tracked and will be shown as a separate report. Goals are one of the most important metrics for business growth. You can create up to 20 goals in a single google analytics account.

Segmenting Out Your Website/App Visitors

With Google's Analysis tool, we will help you in segmenting your website visitors according to locations, a device used gender, time spent on an individual page, how your visitor came to your website, your visitor’s exit page, and many more. This can be the most sophisticated way to learn about your visitor's behavior.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking Events

We will help you in setting up certain events that you consider as conversions & then track those events when occurs separately. Example: If your desired action is to track the purchase made on your website, we will set a purchase tracking event which will track all your purchase made on your website. This can be a powerful tool for calculating your business ROI.

Integrating Your Google Ads Account With Google Analytics Tools

Google Ads & Analytics both are important tools for the growth of any online business. We will help you in linking your Google Ads account with your Analytics account. This will help you in setting up goal tracking, a conversion tracking properly alongside checking how effective your Google ad campaign is running.

Providing Customised Reports & Optimization Tips

Report & Analysis is important for every business growth. We will provide you proper & accurate analytics of your online business which will help you in tracking which part of your business is performing poorly. Alongside we will also help you in analyzing your website errors and giving some optimization tips. This will help you to stay on top of your business.

Ready To Use Google's Analytics As Your Business Analyzing Tool?