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Why Should You Use Email Marketing!

According to eMarketer Study, an average email marketing ROI is 122%. This means, for every 1 rupee spent you earn 1 rupee 22 paisa in return. People buy more products form the businesses who send email to their customers on a daily basis as compared to non-email senders . People  buy products & services marketed through email spend 138% more than people who do not receive email offers.

Online-Mail Marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing strategy. This is one of the main reasons of its high ROI.

Are You Using The Cheapest Form Of Digital Marketing As Your Business Strategy?

If you haven’t setup any email marketing campaign for your business, we will help you in doing an effective email marketing which will help you in growing your business.

Benefits of Doing Email Marketing

As the research says, People buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people who do not receive email offers. E-mail Marketing is a must for every business. Here are some of its benefits.

E-mail Marketing Is Targeted

You can send a personalized email according to your targeted demographics, location or any other specific data.

Sending Online Mails Increases Brand Awareness & Customers Loyalty

Each time when your audience open your email, it increases your business brand visibility. Customer loyalty requires users to have regular interaction with your brand. Emails do this job perfectly. Hence leads in conversion of the audience into your customers.

E-mail Marketing is Cost Effective / Email marketing is Pocket-Friendly

Doing an electronic mail marketing is much cheaper than any other forms of marketing. Research states that email campaigns can be upto 20x more cost-effective than marketing methods. This helps the businesses to reach more people in a pocket-friendly budget.

Product & Service promotions that Convert Readers into Buyers

You can promote your product & services in your email campaign. Educating your targeted audience about your business product / services. This will persuade your readers, leading to become your customers.

Email Tracking and Analytics

You can accurately measure click through rate, conversation rate & ROI of your Email Campaign. You can also see your campaign insights in your Google Analytics account by integrating your email campaign into it.

Why Choose Us?

We Will Design Custom & Branded Email Templates For You.

We Create Email Campaigns Automation & A/B Testing

We Will Setup & Manage Your Campaign Strategy.

We Provide a Complete Analysis & Reports of Your Email Campaigns on a Monthly Basis.

We Create an Effective Content Writing for Your Emails.

Ready To Use E-mail Marketing As Your Business Strategy?